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Each ESSJ Senior must complete the


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The PRAXIS Project is the ESSJ senior capstone project designed and completed by all ESSJ seniors. The student starts with a question that will lead to an exploration of a social justice issue of personal choice.  After developing a question, the student begins the process of understanding, during which time an answer starts to develop through research, reading, writing, and hands-on activities. The student will find a mentor or community organization to work with on this social justice issue and will create an experience plan related to the question. action-oriented experiences could include job shadowing, volunteering, interviewing, training, designing and creating, etc. Through service, the student designs and implements an action that will allow them to share their new knowledge with the greater community in a way that serves a real need in the community. Finally, at the panel, the student will present their entire PRAXIS to a panel of staff, parents, and community members. The entire project will be documented on each scholar's PRAXIS website.

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ESSJ seniors surveyed their peers, researched the impacts of negative self-talk, and created a tangible solution as a result of their analysis in the Affirmation Wristbands and 30-Day Affirmation Challenge. The ESSJ scholars were able to put together something that their peers could do every day to address their mental health, an issue that has seen huge impacts among our community of young scholars in this district. 

Affirmation Wristbands were wearable and were a constant reminder to the wearer that they are loved, amazing, worthy, and enough; and ESSJ had challenged the Logan community to wear the Affirmation Wristbands with purpose. They had used the Affirmation Wristbands to challenge our young scholars to speak affirmations to themselves daily to counteract negative self-talk. Studies have shown that affirmations can help lift self-esteem, grades, and overall levels of happiness. The Affirmation Wristbands helped Logan scholars rewire how they think, feel, and process the world around them. 

The New Haven Unified School District Board of Education recognized the efforts of the ESSJ Affirmation Challenge and honored the scholars who took initiative and applied their education in order to improve the mental health of their peers and our local community.



The Class of 2021 participated in a more traditional PRAXIS Project model, in which, each individual scholar chose their own social justice issue to focus on and research. Though they experienced much of it while in quarantine, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, they definitely were able to get the most out of their projects and make positive and lasting impacts in the community. 

*In this section, are screenshots of our scholars' PRAXIS websites. Use this LINK to access the catalog of The Class of 2021's PRAXIS PROJECTS

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